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Headset FAQs

Manufacturers Pricing Policy:

Jabra & Sennheiser  price most of their headsets excluding the final part of the leads as these vary dependent on the telephone or telephone system they are to be used with. Prices shown on the price list for these manufacturers headsets, exclude the necessary final lead which is additional to the price shown unless purchased with the companies own amplifiers or headset phones.

Communicator, headsets are priced Complete with Leads enabling them to be connected directly to any Headset Phone, suitable System Phones with headset port or, a Standard telephone + Amplifier (where needed), without additional costs.

Can I have a Headset with my Mobile Phone?

Yes you can, we need to know the manufacturer and model number to quote for the correct compatible Headset.

What style of Headset can I Have?

a) Single Speaker (Monaural) : for people who spend time on the phone, but need to communicate with colleagues. (Headband Style) - MOST POPULAR !

b) Two Speaker (Binaural) : for people who require total concentration, working in noisy, busy environments.(Headband style)

c) Over the Ear : for people looking for an ultra light weight, unobtrusive Headset.

What is Noise Cancelling?

Noise Cancelling microphones cut out up to 75% of background noise around you, suitable for open - plan work areas.

What if I haven't a Headset socket on my Phone?

You have two options :

a) Replace your existing phone with a Headset phone + The Headset of your choice.

b) Keep your existing phone and purchase an Amplifier Adapter + The Headset of your choice.

Amplifiers. What are they and Why or When might I need one?

Amplifiers allow you to increase the volume of both, incoming and outgoing voice levels thus matching your headset to the particular phone / system or line you are using.

In addition they allow the selection of either the Telephone handset or the Headset (Headset/Handset switch). Most also have a Mute switch which prevents the incoming caller hearing any private conversation you may wish to have during a call. Most amplifiers are operated by "AA" batteries which normally last approx 6/9 months. Some models can be used with a mains adapter if required.

An Amplifier is needed when connecting a Headset to your existing telephone either on a domestic telephone line or on a telephone system assuming there is no dedicated headset socket on the phone.

All Amplifiers supplied by The Headset Company are Universal allowing them to work in the majority of situations.

Can I have a Headset with MY Telephone System?

All Telephone Systems can be matched, with either an Amplifier Adapter, or programming the Telephone System to accept a Headset.

Information we require to check compatibility with your telephone equipment is as follows:

a) System Manufacturer & model

b) Telephone model number (being used with Headset)

c) Are the prospective users connecting to an operator console, an extension phone or a call centre ACD Turret.

Where can I get Spares for my Headset?

We carry a Comprehensive range of spares covering all the Headsets, Amplifiers and Phones we supply including: Replacement Voice tubes, Foam and Leatherette ear pads, microphone windshields, spare leads, training leads.

I want to use a Headset through my PC; which Headsets are suitable?

Most of the Telephone headsets available can be supplied to work with a PC providing the computer is fitted with either a sound card or modem. The headsets are normally supplied with leads terminated with two 3.5mm jack plugs. Microphone Plug (to Line in or Mic) and Earphone Plug (to line out or Headphone Spkr socket).

If your modem has provision for a telephone handset you can plug a headset into the modular socket via a Handset /Headset switch or Amplifier USB headsets connect directly into a USB port and automatically configure using the supplied software, these are rapidly becoming popular as they free the sound card inputs and outputs as well as offering exceptional sound quality.

What Wireless Options are there?

Virtually every situation is now covered by a wireless option, from analogue cordless headsets to DECT and BLUETOOTH headsets totally wire free with ranges from 10 to 100metres.Both Plantronics and GN Netcom have various models which cater for most requirements. Our wireless department are available to assist with any information required and suggest any suitable options. Please take manufacturers ranges quoted as ideal line of sight, normally the quoted range is considerably less within buildings and offices. Most of the wireless digital headsets are free from interference, both transmitted and received calls are crystal clear, however mains hum can be induced from other electrical equipment including computers, this is caused by a base station being located too close to other electronic equipment. The problem can usually be easily resolved by simply relocating the base station or keeping the offending wires well apart and as short as possible. Induced mains hum can usually be identified by switching off other electrical items, if the hum disappears the offending item has been found and may be relocated.

We have attempted to answer some of the most common questions we are frequently being asked. If we have not provided sufficient information for you to choose a suitable headset then please contact our sales advice line on 01179 709020 where we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You for taking time to read this page. We look forward to being of assistance.